Feedback for our Anchorage clinic
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Judith M. 08/27/2012

Wonderful experiences there. Great people and great doctors. They are caring, kind as well as top notch in their jobs. Dr. Symonds did my braces (two year…

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AOA is the most professional orthodontics place ever! Also the most awesome. The staff is incredibly friendly and the best at what they do. They guide you with the most detailed care in whatever you need. My family has always gone there for orthodontic needs. My sister needed braces back about 3 years ago. My parents took her to AOA, where they painlessly put them on, and gave her instruction on how to take care of her teeth with the braces on. I needed braces this past year, so they put them on rather painlessly, and told me how my experience with them would be, and how I could take care of my teeth adequately. I am very happy with how awesome they have been to my family and I and think they are totally awesome.

~ Josiah Walker

I was very pleased with the staff and doctors at AOA. It’s a daunting time, having kids ready for braces (or not, as the case may be!) I felt a lot of trust in the doctor’s knowledge and know that this is the best clinic to get orthodontic care for my family.

~ Cathy Gillis

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